Terms and Conditions

It is important for any business to build customer-friendly and fair Terms and Conditions. We at Spritairfly make sure that our Terms and Conditions are equally relevant and useful to the end-user. Here, on the web page, we are disclosing our Terms and Conditions, and we expect you to go through the same carefully. Before you access any of our services, it is important for you to agree with every point mentioned in our Terms.

Complying with Terms and Conditions:

Before you access any further programs associated with our website, we want our customers to agree with the terms and conditions we have. If you are accessing our website without reading the terms and conditions, we will consider that you agree to our terms and conditions policies. If you have any problem with any part of our terms and conditions, you must stop accessing our website.

Change in Terms & Conditions:

We have all the rights and authorities to change our terms and conditions anytime we want without giving any prior notice to our customers. It is the responsibility of the customer to get an update on our terms and conditions. If still, you are accessing our website after the modifications and alterations, we will consider that you agree to it as well. Thus, we recommend our customers to remain updated about our terms and conditions by themselves.

Third-Party Website Links:

There can be third party connections in our website; we assure that they are only listed for reference purpose only. Our terms and conditions don’t comply with the relation of the third-party policies or their products. If you are visiting their website through our reference, we suggest you read their terms and conditions and then decide to go further to purchase their product or services.

Content Usage of our Website

The content of our website acts as a guide so that the users understand our product and services in a better way. The posted content, graphics, pictures, or videos are given on our website just for references. And, we hold the complete rights for the same. No user will have the right to use those content, graphics, images, or videos for commercial purposes. In fact, it will come under the Copyright Act if we find someone violating our Terms and Conditions.

Alteration in Pricing

We, Spiritairfly, hold the complete right to bring alteration in the pricing of our service as per the demand without giving any advance notice to anyone. It is the responsibility of the user to keep a check on the modified or updated pricing.