Privacy Policy

We, at Spiritairfly, believe in keeping transparency; the webpage discloses the Privacy Policy of our website; therefore, we are hereby disclosing the complete Privacy Policy of our website. And, it is necessary for the user to go through the policies carefully. In case of any disagreement with any of the policies mentioned below, the user should stop accessing our website with immediate effect. In fact, it is also recommended to stop using any of our products or services.

Alteration of policy:

We hold the complete authority to bring changes and modify our policies without notifying the user or providing them with any form of advance notification. It is the responsibility of the user to keep them updated regarding altered or modified policies. Once we update the policy on our web page, it will come into effect from then itself.

What is in this privacy policy?

In this privacy policy, we will disclose all the personal information that we collect from our end-user knowingly or unknowingly. While there is some information that we collect by taking permission of the user, there are other pieces of information for which we don’t take the information. So, to keep things transparent, we have disclosed the details about the same here.

What information do we collect directly from the user?

While making any bookings or reservations, or while registering their account on our website, we ask for some of the personal information related to the account holder. That information includes their name, gender, address, phone number, and other similar things. Only if the user wants to share it with us can we access the same.

What information do we collect indirectly from the user?

There is some piece of vital information that the user unknowingly provides us, like the IP address of the system, the location, system details, Operating System, type of the browser, ISP, and cookies. We collect them for improvising our database and to provide a customized solution to each customer.