Coatzacoalcos City: A Great Mexican Delight with Spirit Airlines

Coatzacoalcos is a great city in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Plan a visit to the city and explore wonderful places like museums, state parks, famous cathedrals, etc. The city is known as one of the greatest attractions in the country. Explore the wonderful Coatzacoalcos River estuary, Bay of Campeche, Gulf of Mexico coast, etc. So quickly book your Spirit Airlines Tickets!

Here is some of the more exciting place in and around Coatzacoalcos:

Lighthouse Museum and Bicentennial Park 

The Museum is situated in the old place of Guardafaro, where you can find out about the nautical history of the region through photographs, instruments, and great models. The Park offers an exciting tour of the zoo to let you watch different types of birds and wild animals. Take a ride in the vessel at Coatzacoalcos that would take you to Villa Allende from where you can have a relaxing walk. 


Coatepec is also called the snake mountain and is one of the holiest places in Aztec folklore. It’s accepted that the famous Mexican clan originated from here and moved to the Central part of Mexico. The Aztecs built a great sanctuary on a ridge here to give respect to the god Huitzilopochtli. Coatepec has a significant place in the contemporary culture of Mexico. The region is famous for coffee production. Try the delicious Bola de Oro and Le Vereda that were originated from here. 

Jaguaroundi Ecological Park

Visit this beautiful park that has the sole purpose of maintaining an ecological balance. The idea of the wonderful park is to safeguard and protect the state’s dense rainforests. The region houses 210+ types of birds belonging to varied species, 140 types of butterflies, and 550+ types of plants. Enjoy the adventure activities around here like the kayak rides, bike tour, and the visit of the historical center.

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