Ayacucho is a Well- Known Destination for Travelers with Spirit Airlines

Ayacucho is a famous city in Peru that is among the top favorite locations among the global and local tourists. The city is filled with numerous colonial structures like famous churches, Templo de Santo Domingo, Plaza Mayor, also known as Plaza de Armas, Catedral de Ayacucho, etc. The city is famous for its variety of handicrafts, like retablos. Witness the lively Easter Week celebrations in and around the city. So hurry and book your Spirit Airlines Tickets now if you want to bag the ongoing Spirit Airlines Deals!

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Plan a trip to this great city of Peru and wander around the following fun places:

Ruins of Vilcashuaman

Head to the famous Ruins of Vilcashuaman, the famous attraction of Peru. Learn about the astounding past of the city and et to know about the significance of the ruins. Learn how the Spanish gained success and established control over the region. Visit the famous Sun Temple that is around the Usnu (pyramid).

Architecture of Ayacucho

The city of Ayacucho has a ton of structures that tell us about the Spanish engineering and architecture. Witness the remarkable architecture of Peru in and around the city. Visit the Court de Armas (widely known as the Plaza Mayor de Huamanga), which is encircled by chateaus and the Cathedral. Explore the manors belonging to the 16th and 18th centuries.

Court de Armas of Ayacucho

The Plaza de Armas of Ayacucho is situated in the downtown area of Ayacucho. The courts in Peru are commonly called as the Plaza Mayor. The Plaza de Armas is one of the landmark places of the city that is worth a visit.

Ayacucho Cathedral

The Huamanga Cathedral is one of the famous Baroque churches in the city of Ayacucho. It is governed by the Catholic Church and is also a Historic-Cultural Heritage of the Nation of Peru since 1972. It is situated in the Plaza de Armas and attracts a large number of tourists.

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